Alec Baldwin Shocks Dinner Guests, Calls New Baby ‘Dirty Little Whore’

NEW YORK – An intimate dinner party held at Alec Baldwin’s Manhattan home last night ended prematurely after Baldwin’s newborn baby daughter threw-up on his shirt. According to guests who attended the dinner, Baldwin’s alarming reaction towards his baby made them so uncomfortable they were forced to make a hasty departure before dinner was served.

A woman who is a producer at NBC and has worked with Alec Baldwin for several years attended the soiree with her husband. She agreed to speak about the evening on condition of anonymity.

“I’d seen Alex’s temper before. Last year at a birthday party for my five year-old twins he called me an aging farm animal after I asked him to stop cursing around the children. My friends said, that’s Alec! But when he called his new baby a dirty little whore last night, I had to draw the line. I mean, how can someone say that to an innocent baby,” she sighed. “When I asked him not to talk to her like that he snapped at me! He said when he wanted my opinion he’d try and catch me in-between Botox injections! I was so embarrassed.”

According to the NBC producer’s husband, the unsettling incident occurred when Baldwin was holding his new baby while reciting a monologue from King Lear for his guests. When Baldwin reached the pinnacle of his impassioned soliloquy, the newborn vomited on his shoulder.

“Alec was only mildly upset when the baby spit up on his shoulder,” the husband said. “He sighed heavily and then forced a smile, asking his wife for a towel. But a moment later the baby vomited down the front of Alec’s shirt and that’s when he snapped.”

“That’s when he called the baby a dirty little whore!” his wife shouted.

“He was holding the baby with out-stretched arms,” the husband continued, “screaming for somebody to get him some ‘God damned soda water!His anger was so alarming that everyone just kind of froze. That’s when he looked at me and yelled, ‘What the hell are you looking at, freak! Get me some f*cking soda water!‘ I was so flabbergasted I found myself wandering aimlessly around the apartment in a state of shock. It was a harrowing experience.”

A young woman employed by the catering company Baldwin hired recalled her experience at the dinner party.

“When Mr. Baldwin denigrated his little baby a woman became so upset she started choking on her hors d’oeuvre. As she was frantically gasping for breath, Mr. Baldwin gave her such a glaring, dirty look that she ran out of the room so her choking wouldn’t offend him.”

She said Baldwin had been angry early in the evening before most of the guests had arrived.

“The first guest of the evening was a very nice woman who was ever so excited to see the baby. She held and kissed it for several minutes before taking pictures with her iPhone. That’s when Mr. Baldwin suddenly rushed over and angrily knocked the phone out of her hand before stomping on it very aggressively. After he’d destroyed the phone, Mr. Baldwin got up in the poor woman’s face and hissed, ‘guess you won’t be making any money from your photographs now, huh?'”

The young woman sighed nervously.

“It wasn’t until later that we discovered the lady was Mr. Baldwin’s sister.”

When Alec Baldwin left the party to change his shirt the guests made a quick dash to the door. A hotdog vendor standing outside the apartment saw a group of frightened people scurrying out of the building. He said everybody began running when Alec Baldwin stuck his head out an upstairs window and yelled:

Which one of you mother f*ckers used the pate knife in the god damned salmon and cream cheese spread!”

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