Joe Biden Calls Hillary Clinton the Yoko Ono of Politics

WASHINGTON  – After speaking to a group of seniors about shotgun ownership and voting rights at the Last Train to Clarksville nursing home in Bethesda this afternoon, Vice President Joe Biden appeared on MSNBC’s PoliticsNation with host, Al Sharpton. Sharpton asked the vice president pointed questions about Hillary Clinton, Biden’s own presidential aspirations and his thoughts on Yoko Ono’s singing. Following is a transcript of their conversation that airs tonight on MSNBC at 6 pm.

AL SHARPTON: I welcome to my own show on MSNBC the Vice President, Joe Biden of the United States.

JOE BIDEN:  Thank you, it’s great to be here, Al.

AL SHARPTON:  You may call me Reverend.

JOE BIDEN:  Of course, Reverend.

AL SHARPTON:  Mr. Vice, what say you about your interest in the presidential erection?

JOE BIDEN:  (Laughing loudly) Oh, I have far too much on my vice presidential plate to start thinking about running for president.

AL SHARPTON:  Is it because you are afraid of Hillary?

JOE BIDEN:  (Laughing loudly) Oh, gosh no. Hillary and I are good friends. We go way back.

AL SHARPTON:  Way back where?

Al SharptonJOE BIDEN: Well, way back in time is what I mean. I’ve known her for a long time.

AL SHARPTON:  If you do not run in the president’s race will you indict Hillary Clinton?

JOE BIDEN:  If you are asking if I will endorse Hillary, I think it’s too soon to choose a candidate. Don’t forget, it’s still a year and a half away from election day. A lot can happen before then.

AL SHARPTON:  So are you saying you will not enforce Hillary Clinton for president because maybe you will throw your ring in a hat and race too?

JOE BIDEN:  Oh gosh, Reverend, I really am too busy right now with my responsibilities as vice president to think about running for president.

AL SHARPTON:  Now you and I both know that you’re not that busy being the vice. I have been to the White House hundreds of times and I’ve never noticed you doing any kind of work.

JOE BIDEN:  That’s because I do most of my work at the Vice Presidential mansion.

AL SHARPTON: You have a mansion?

JOE BIDEN:  It’s the residence for the vice president.

pool slideAL SHARPTON: Do you have a pool?

JOE BIDEN:  Yes, there is a pool.

AL SHARPTON:  Is there a slide? My girlfriend likes pools with slides.

JOE BIDEN:  No, we don’t have a slide.

AL SHARPTON:  That’s too bad. Maybe if you invite us over you could set up one of those slippery rubber tubes that she could slide into the pool on.

JOE BIDEN:  I’ll see what I can do.

AL SHARPTON:  Mr. Vice, what say you about the chances of a Hillary Clinton menstruation in the White House in 2016?

JOE BIDEN: (squirming) If you’re asking me about a Hillary administration, it’s far too soon to tell what will happen in 2016.

AL SHARPTON:  So as of this moment you are not enforcing Hillary Clinton.

JOE BIDEN:  At this time I am not endorsing Hillary.

AL SHARPTON:  There are many who might conscrew that means you yourself will run in the presidential race.

JOE BIDEN:  (laughing loudly) Oh gosh no. I’m far too busy with my duties as vice president to ….

HillaryAL SHARPTON:  Mr. Vice, do you think Hillary Clinton will ever dance on the glass ceiling?

JOE BIDEN:  There’s always the possibility Hillary could break that glass ceiling.

AL SHARPTON:  Are you saying that because of how big her legs are?

JOE BIDEN:  No, of course not.

AL SHARPTON:  Are you willing to predict that Hillary will win the race to be our next president of the United States?

JOE BIDEN:  What I am willing to say is Hillary may not be qualified to be president of the United States.

AL SHARPTON:  Really? But everybody on TV calls her a fun runner.

JOE BIDEN: Hillary has been in Washington for a long time, Reverend. She’s got a lot of name recognition but it’s not like she’s ever accomplished anything on her own of any merit. Hillary is kind of like the Yoko Ono of politics.

AL SHARPTON:  Because she is Japanese?

JOE BIDEN:  No, because she’s only a household name because of her more accomplished husband. Like Yoko, Hillary doesn’t have any discernible talent, absolutely nothing to offer. But people are nice to her because they like her husband.

AL SHARPTON:  If you had to choose, which would you find least painful, Hillary in the White House or four years of Yoko singing?

JOE BIDEN:  Ouch! You play hardball, Reverend. You’re putting me between a rock and a hard place.

AL SHARPTON:  Is that some kind of sexual in the window?

JOE BIDEN: (looks confused) I uh, I guess if I had to choose I would put Hillary in the White House over hearing Yoko sing.

Yoko OnoAL SHARPTON: (chuckles)  I have a running joke every time I bump into Yoko.

JOE BIDEN:  What is that?

AL SHARPTON:  I raise up my arms and shout, Hands up, Don’t Sing!

(Joe Biden and Al Sharpton laugh and share an enthusiastic high five)

AL SHARPTON:  We’re outta time, Mr. Vice. Thanks for joining me on my own show. I hope we will see more of you the closer we get to the presidential erection.

JOE BIDEN:  Thank you, Reverend.


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