Chelsea Clinton Denies Hillary Wants Another Baby

When former First Daughter Chelsea Clinton visited NBC studios to promote her new children’s book, Al Sharpton  asked about her mother’s wish to have more children. Following is a transcript of the interview that will air Sunday on Sharpton’s show, PoliticsNation on MSNBC.

AL SHARPTON:  I welcome to my own show on MSNBC, the daughter of Hillary Ramrod and Bill Jefferies Clinton, Chelsea Clinton.

CHELSEA:  Thank you for having me, Al.

AL SHARPTON:  You may call me reverend.

CHELSEA: Of course, Reverend.

AL SHARPTON:  Your mom lost her erection to Donald Trump and now she’s living in the woods. What do you think will happen to her?

CHELSEA: Well, she isn’t actually living in the woods. She took some time off after the election to regroup and then she wrote her best selling book. One thing about my mom, she can’t be stopped from helping others.

AL SHARPTON:  Who she gonna help in the woods?

CHELSEA:  I mean that my mom will continue to serve our country. As you know, she has been an advocate for children her whole life.

AL SHARPTON:  Yet you are her only child. What happened?

CHELSEA:  Uh, I can only tell you what everyone already knows, my mom will never stop fighting for children.

AL SHARPTON:  But she’s 70 years old. Do you think it’s a good idea for her to have more kids? It’s not like she’s a spectator of good health, if you know what I’m sayin’.

CHELSEA: (Looks confused)  She has no intentions of having another baby. She’s very content being a doting grandmother to my children. She’s wonderful with them and they adore her.

AL SHARPTON:  That’s good to hear. When she fell down in the street and was thrown into the back of that van it probably caused her to think twice about having more children.

CHELSEA:  Well, I assure you she has not been thinking about having more children.

AL SHARPTON:  Wouldn’t you like to have a sister or brother?

CHELSEA:  Of course I would. But that isn’t in the cards anymore. Plus, I have my hands full caring for my children and husband now.

AL SHARPTON:  Well I’m sorry you don’t have a brother or sister. My condolences.

CHELSEA:  Thanks?

AL SHARPTON:  Since your mom lost her erection she will have lots of time to babysit for you.

CHELSEA:  Mom is always visiting her grandchildren. She adores them.

AL SHARPTON:  She may abhor your kids but is that as exciting as being the president of America?

CHELSEA:  Honestly, if mom were given the choice between being president or being a grandma I have no doubt she would choose being a grandma.

AL SHARPTON:  (snickering) If you say so.

CHELSEA:  It’s true!

AL SHARPTON:  What was it like for you growing up with parents who were never there?

CHELSEA:  I don’t know what you mean. My parents were always there.

AL SHARPTON:  I heard your dad was never around when he was governor because he was meeting with women in hotel rooms.

CHELSEA: Being governor carries lots of responsibilities that include meeting with all kinds of people.

AL SHARPTON:  Then when he was president he spent most of his time in the Oral Office having interns smoke his cigar.

CHELSEA:  My dad has always made time for me. Both my parents have.

AL SHARPTON: Your presence on Twitter has escalatored. Many people say it’s the beginning of your own presidential perspirations. What say you, formal first daughter?

CHELSEA:  Oh gosh, my hands are full taking care of my family and advocating for equal rights, saving the planet and empowering children to participate.

AL SHARPTON:  What are you imploring children to participate in?

CHELSEA:  Their communities. A child is never too young to learn how to engage with their communities to make a difference.

AL SHARPTON:  Well, I would beg to differentiate that a baby in a dirty diaper would be too young to enrage a community.

CHELSEA:  (straining to smile) Well of course a baby would be too young.

AL SHARPTON:  But you said they are never too young. Do you retract your statement?

CHELSEA:  If that is the message you took from my statement, then yes, I retract it. But what I am saying is …

AL SHARPTON:  Are you jealous of Ivanka Trump?

CHELSEA:  (straining to smile) Of course not. Why would you ask that?

AL SHARPTON:  Well she has her own office in the White House and a lactating business of her own. People think she is very smart and beautiful. What say you?

CHELSEA:  She is very smart and quite lovely. I agree with you.

AL SHARPTON:  So you aren’t jealous? You don’t wish you were her?

CHELSEA:  Of course not. I am quite happy with my own life.

AL SHARPTON:  While Ivanka works all day you sit home and comment on Twitter. Do you ever work?

CHELSEA:  Of course. I am on the boards of several foundations and I once worked for NBC.



AL SHARPTON:  I read the other day that you are worth 15 million dollars.

CHELSEA:  I’d rather not comment on my personal finances.

AL SHARPTON:  I also read that Ivanka Trump is worth 750 million dollars. Does that make you jealous?

CHELSEA:  Of course not.

AL SHARPTON:  Ivanka Trump has lots of brothers and a sister. Does that bother you?

CHELSEA:  Why would that bother me?

AL SHARPTON:  If Hillary has another child would you prefer a brother or sister?

CHELSEA:  Why do you keep saying my mother wants more children? She doesn’t want more children.

AL SHARPTON:  Maybe a new baby would take her mind off the erection.

CHELSEA:  My mom isn’t trying to have a baby!

AL SHARPTON:  Looks like we’re out of time. I want to thank Chelsea …

CHELSEA:  Out of time? But we didn’t talk about my new book!

AL SHARPTON:  Join me again next week when my guest will be Senator Jellybread who says President Bill Clinton should have resigned after his sexual improperlies.


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