Chelsea Clinton to Receive Emmy Award for Lifetime Achievement

HOLLYWOOD – The Television Academy announced today that it will present Chelsea Clinton with an honorary lifetime achievement award at the 67th Prime Time Emmy Awards in September. The announcement received immediate accolades from an array of Hollywood celebrities who supported Hillary Clinton for president.

Alec Baldwin Tweeted that the special Emmy¬† was “a necessary and important recognition of a woman who has accomplished a whole lot of stuff.”

Chelsea Handler was unable to express her elation as she wept uncontrollably in the comforting arms of California Senator Barbara Boxer during an appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

In an interview with Chris Matthews on MSNBC this afternoon, Chelsea Clinton shared her feelings about the honor. Following is a transcript of their conversation that will air tomorrow night at 6:00pm on MSNBC.

CHRIS MATTHEWS: While Donald Trump was in France avoiding impeachment calls here at home, Chelsea Clinton discovered she is going to be honored at this year’s Emmys with an honorary Lifetime Achievement Award. She’s in the studio with me tonight. Let’s play Hardball!

(Show theme song plays)

CHRIS MATTHEWS: I’m excited to welcome my first guest tonight, Chelsea Clinton. Daughter of former President Bill Clinton and former first lady, senator, secretary of state and two time presidential loser, Hillary Clinton. Chelsea, thank you for coming.

CHELSEA CLINTON: Thank you, Chris. It’s a pleasure to be here. And just for the record, mom may have lost the delegate count but she received over 3 million more popular votes than Donald Trump.

CHRIS MATTHEWS: That is true, but it has nothing to do with how our elections work. She was unfortunately defeated fair and square by Donald Trump eight years after getting shellacked by Barack Obama. Now, let’s talk about you. Tell me, what did you think when you heard you were getting an Emmy Award? Must have been exhilarating.

CHELSEA: Yes, it was so exciting. My children and I were reading The Canterbury Tales together when my mom called and broke the news. She was so happy for me.

CHRIS MATTHEWS: How did your dad react?

CHELSEA: Dad has been on a fishing expedition on a secluded island in the Caribbean for the past week. I haven’t spoken with him yet.

CHRIS MATTHEWS: Oh god … please tell me he’s not hanging out with billionaire pedophile Jeffery Epstein again.

CHELSEA: He’s fishing with some family friends, Chris.

CHRIS MATTHEWS: What was the nickname for Epstein’s tawdry island of debauchery? Orgy Island! So disgusting. Anyway, let’s hope that President Clinton has put all that nonsense behind him. So have you thought about what you’re going to say when you accept your Emmy?

CHELSEA: Well, the awards aren’t until September so I have some time to think it through.

CHRIS MATTHEWS: I’ll bet you’re gonna pay tribute to your mom, huh?

CHELSEA: Of course I will acknowledge mom, but this is my award. I will probably focus on the important and crucial work that I do with everything from breastfeeding and diarrhea to gender pronoun options.

CHRIS MATTHEWS: But your mom was just humiliated in one of the more remarkable elections in the history of our country. Surely you will have some comforting words for the millions of voters who were so heartbroken with her embarrassing defeat.

CHELSEA: I think voters have accepted that even though mom won more popular votes than Donald Trump they are stuck with him.

CHRIS MATTHEWS: There have been stories about your mom wandering aimlessly in the woods. Is that her way of avoiding your father?

CHELSEA: Why would she avoid my father?

CHRIS MATTHEWS: Well, he might be vacationing on Orgy Island now, but at some point he’s going to come back home. And it’s not like your mom has anything to occupy her time with. I guess what I’m asking is, after all the years of what everybody assumes is an acrimonious relationship, can your parents endure residing in the close proximity they now find themselves in?

CHELSEA: My mom and dad love each other and cherish the moments they have together.

CHRIS MATTHEWS: Do you know what you’re going to wear at the Emmys?

CHELSEA: I have been so busy working to make the world a better place that I haven’t even thought about that, Chris.

CHRIS MATTHEWS: I read somewhere that your mom called you selfless. Are you selfless, Chelsea?

CHELSEA: I don’t think of myself as selfless. I do sacrifice the majority of my time bettering the lives of millions of people around the world, but that’s probably due to my baptist upbringing. Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thy self, Chris.

CHRIS MATTHEWS: Uh huh. Tell me, did your dad ever have relations with a woman of color?

CHELSEA: I assume you are talking about working relationships. Yes, he has and still does have rewarding working relationships with many women of color.

CHRIS MATTHEWS: During the second presidential debate with your mom, Donald Trump brought along three women who for years have claimed your dad sexually assaulted or harassed them. But being victims of sexual misconduct wasn’t the only thing those women had in common.

CHELSEA: What are you talking about?

CHRIS MATTHEWS: They were all white women. Not one woman of color. That bothered me at first. But then I realized …

CHELSEA: Realized what?

CHRIS MATTHEWS: I realized how much respect your dad has always had for women of color. The first black president wasn’t going to sexually abuse his own kind. I have no doubt that you are very proud of that.

CHELSEA: I, uh …

CHRIS MATTHEWS: Well look at that … we’re out of time. Congratulations on your Emmy award Chelsea. And please, give my best to your mom. I can only imagine how deep her devastation must still be. Hopefully your Emmy award will help brighten her dark days.

CHELSEA: That’s it? But we didn’t talk about my book!

CHRIS MATTHEWS: (Looking into camera) Coming up next, two men who went to high school with Donald Trump Jr. allege he once said he had to piss like a Russian race horse. You’re watching Hard Ball.

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