NFL Adds Joe Scarborough Band to Super Bowl Halftime Lineup

This morning the NFL announced that in addition to Justin Timberlake the Joe Scarborough Band will perform at the 2018 Super Bowl halftime show. Scarborough, a former congressman and the co-host of MSNBC’s Morning Joe, will be performing songs from his upcoming CD The Catfish Are Jumpin’ scheduled for release next month on Def Jam Records. Scarborough sat down with fellow MSNBC anchor Chris Matthews this afternoon to discuss the Super Bowl news. Following is a transcript of that conversation that airs Friday night on MSNBC.

CHRIS MATTHEWS:  Congratulations, Joe. Wow, the Super Bowl! You must be elated.

JOE SCARBOROUGH: When the NFL contacted me I was surprised. I mean, my band is really good and the audience always leaves wanting more, but I thought it would be another year or two before I was asked to perform at the Super Bowl.

CHRIS MATTHEWS: Well, you don’t get asked to perform at the Super Bowl if you don’t have what it takes. Yet you say you were surprised.

SCARBOROUGH:  Like all perfectionists I can be too hard on myself. I’m learning to accept that I was blessed with many gifts and shying away from sharing my talent with the world is, well, let’s be honest … it’s selfish.

CHRIS MATTHEWS:  It is selfish. I’m looking at some of the notes from my producers and it says that George Stephanopoulis called you a musical genius.

SCARBOROUGH:  He did and that meant a lot.

CHRIS MATTHEWS:  George knows his stuff. He’s not just going to say something like that unless he believes it.

SCARBOROUGH:  And don’t forget, George used to date Bebe Neuwirth who used to play Lilith on Cheers.

CHRIS MATTHEWS:  So he knows talent when he sees it. (Looks surprised) Well gosh, look who’s here!

Mika Brzezinski walks up behind Joe and hugs him.

MIKA: (arms around Joe) My fella’s the handsomest man on the planet isn’t he, Chris?

SCARBOROUGH: (rolls his eyes) Hey, let’s don’t get crazy here. There are lots of good lookin’ guys out there who could give me a run for my money.

MIKA:  Name one.

SCARBOROUGH: (thinks for a moment) Lots of women think George Clooney is handsome.

MIKA: (snickering) He’s not as handsome as you. Plus he’s a lot older.

SCARBOROUGH:  Only by a couple of years. But you wouldn’t know that by looking at him, huh? He does seem a lot older than me.

CHRIS MATTHEWS:  I think he is older than you.

SCARBOROUGH: (As Mika massages his neck)  I’ve always had a boyish appearance. When people see me on the street they tell me I look like I’m still in college. All of my old college buddies look old now.

MIKA:  (leans down and smells Joe’s hair) Your healthy coif doesn’t hurt.

SCARBOROUGH:  I do have a robust head of hair. But I think my can-do attitude is just as important for keeping me young and attractive. You know, Chris, there have been studies that show if you think positive it reflects in your appearance.

CHRIS MATTHEWS:  Is that so?

MIKA: (massaging Joe’s neck)  It’s true. I’ve read some of those studies.

SCARBOROUGH:  Now c’mon, Honey, you haven’t read those studies.

MIKA:  You’re right. I said I read them because I’m always trying to impress you. I don’t want you to think I’m stupid like some people say I am.

SCARBOROUGH:  (Looks up at Mika) Now stop that. I mean it. How many times have I told you, when you’re on TV sitting beside somebody as articulate and thought provoking as I am it’s inevitable some will think you’re not smart. But what did I tell you about that?

MIKA:  That I’m good enough, smart enough and gosh darn it, people like me?

SCARBOROUGH:  That’s my girl. Now, whaddya say you run down the hall and get Big Joe a cup of coffee at Starbucks?

MIKA:  (lifts up on her toes, claps her hands and smiles) OK!

CHRIS MATTHEWS:  She loves you. You’re a lucky man.

SCARBOROUGH:  She’s a beautiful woman and a great listener. I’ve never known a woman who can listen to me so intently and she doesn’t get bored. She just stares into space and takes it all in.

CHRIS MATTHEWS:  She hangs on your every word.

SCARBOROUGH:  I’m her rock.

CHRIS MATTHEWS:  What do you think would happen to her if she didn’t have you?

SCARBOROUGH:  Oh, god … she’d be shattered.

CHRIS MATTHEWS:  Let’s get a view of the back of your CD for our audience. You named the CD after Mika and it looks like every song is about her.

                                        The Joe Scarborough Band


  1. Your Glassy Eyed Stare Turns Me On
  2. I Love it When You Can’t Think of Anything to Say
  3. You Did it My Way
  4. Dites-moi à Nouveau Combien Je Suis Merveilleux
  5. You Don’t Always Have to Say I’m Right – Just Don’t Ever Say I’m Wrong
  6. In the Age of Trump We Have Each Other to Hold While I Talk
  7. I Love Bouncing Pennies Off Your Tight Face
  8. I’m the One You Were Waiting For
  9. The Way You Hold Your Starbucks Grande Carmel Cocoa Cluster Frappuccino Makes Me Horny
  10. When I See Myself In Your Eyes I Fall in Love All Over Again


CHRIS MATTHEWS:  All ten songs about Mika.

SCARBOROUGH:  Yep. I wrote all of them for her in a 48 hour period with no sleep. I was bursting with creative juices.

CHRIS MATTHEWS:  I guess so. Forty eight hours and no sleep? You didn’t eat?

SCARBOROUGH:  Mika brought me sushi every few hours and I had about a dozen pots of coffee. Except for that it was just me and my ax and an old tape recorder.

CHRIS MATTHEWS:  By ax you mean your guitar?

SCARBOROUGH:  (laughs) Sorry, it’s the rocker in me. Yes, my guitar.

CHRIS MATTHEWS:  And after playing the Super Bowl you’re embarking on a world tour?

SCARBOROUGH:  We’re playing Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

CHRIS MATTHEWS:  Is Mika going on tour with you?

SCARBOROUGH:  (laughing) I don’t think that would be a good idea.

CHRIS MATTHEWS:  The groupies?

SCARBOROUGH:  It’s just a part of being a rock star. Mika knows that and she’s accepted it.

CHRIS MATTHEWS:  Wow, that’s some gal you got there.

SCARBOROUGH:  Well, I’ve given her a life millions of women can only dream of.

CHRIS MATTHEWS:  I’ll be watching you on Super Bowl Sunday my friend! (looks into camera)  Coming up next, African American columnist Eugene Robinson tells us about Trump’s secret plan to put every African American in prison. You’re watching Hardball.


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