Al Sharpton and Joe Biden Discuss Obama’s Ramrod Backbone

WASHINGTON – Following Tuesday night’s debate between President Obama and Mitt Romney, Vice President Joe Biden appeared on MSNBC’s ‘Politics Nation’ with host Al Sharpton. Following is the transcript of that interview:

AL SHARPTON:  I extend a warm and hard welcome to my show Mr. Vice President of America.

JOE BIDEN:  Well, I’m warm and, uh … it’s a pleasure to be here, Mr. Sharpton.

AL SHARPTON:  Please call me Reverend.

JOE BIDEN:  Of course, Reverend.

AL SHARPTON:  Mr. Vice, you rebated Private Ryan in the political arena of Vice President for America.

JOE BIDEN:  Uh, yes …I did debate Paul Ryan.

AL SHARPTON:  I just want to extend to you my condolences. You hammered the Private, Mr. Vice!

JOE BIDEN:  (confused) I’m going to take that as a compliment.

AL SHARPTON:  Many people on the right are now disperating you for laughing throughout the rebate. What have you to say to them?

JOE BIDEN:  Well, I think I caught them off guard. I believe it was someone on MSNBC who said I smoked Ryan and laid him out to dry.

AL SHARPTON:  (snickering) Smoked him and laid him out to dry …. is that what you said, Mr. Vice?

JOE BIDEN:  I sure did, Reverend. You know me, I don’t mince my words!

AL SHARPTON:  Then you have something in common with Mitt Romney. You don’t mints your words and he keeps his money in offshore mints.  (laughs loudly)

JOE BIDEN: (smiles)

AL SHARPTON:  You’ve made it clear to America that you will not stand by and let a woman be stripped before her right to abort.

JOE BIDEN:  This election is critical if we are to continue to allow a woman to make her own choices.

AL SHARPTON:  And it is apparent you do not heed to critics. You and I are alike.

JOE BIDEN:  How so, Reverend?

AL SHARPTON:  Like you, I fight for underachievers and the unfranchised. Do you also aim to protect and cherish people of color?

JOE BIDEN:  Of course! My God, my entire life I’ve bent over backwards to entice ya’ll to move beyond the shackles and chains.

AL SHARPTON:  Would you also de-lice the poor and forgettable? The way civil rights leaders like myself do?

JOE BIDEN:  Reverend, I am a servant of all the American people. That includes all colors, faiths, sexual orientations, ethnicities and those yet to be categorized.

AL SHARPTON:  Mr. Vice, speaking of amenities, would you adhere to the rampant subtlemations that Mr. Mitt and Private Ryan bring to race relations in a postal America?

JOE BIDEN:  I’m sorry?

AL SHARPTON:  Mr. Mitt and his first mate show signs that lead to escapable contusions that Jim Crow is not only alive and well, but living with one-percenters in gated communes. Would you not agree?

JOE BIDEN:  I will say that Mitt Romney’s tax plan is most definitely geared towards the wealthy.

AL SHARPTON:  Would you not also agree that in the age of flooding oceans and the melting of crops that poor African Americans of color are destined to be swept into the dustbin – only to end up disrobed in Mitt Romney’s garbage pail?

JOE BIDEN:  If you’re referring to Mitt Romney’s refusal to get to know his garbage man, I think it’s appalling.

AL SHARPTON:  I have not yet seen the polling but I will take your word on that.

JOE BIDEN:  (looks confused)

AL SHARPTON:  What is your obsessment of President Obama’s second rebate?

JOE BIDEN:  I think President Obama showed America his ramrod backbone.

AL SHARPTON:  Whoa, Mr. Vice! Let’s keep it clean. I mean, MSNBC ain’t that kind of cable TV.

JOE BIDEN:  (looks confused)

AL SHARPTON:  Republicans got their due reserve when President Obama remembered he’d said a terrorist attack was to blame for the murders in Bygolly.

JOE BIDEN:  I’d previously said the president and I had no idea what had happened in Benghazi, but it’s apparent now he called it a terrorist attack.

AL SHARPTON:  And you stand by your premonition?

JOE BIDEN:  I do, and even moderator Candy Crowley agreed the president called it a terrorist attack.

AL SHARPTON: Republicans say because she orally gratified President Obama the modernator displayed a prenatal partition towards him.

JOE BIDEN:  Candy Crowley is the epitome of impartiality.

AL SHARPTON:  Speaking of partials, many of my viewers have asked me if your teeth are real.

JOE BIDEN:  I can assure your viewers that my teeth are as authentic as mine and the president’s desire to lower the deficit.

AL SHARPTON:  I have time for one last question, Mr. Vice. How come President Obama hasn’t mentioned the fact that Mitt Romney killed a woman?

JOE BIDEN:  I have no doubt the president is saving that little nugget for the final debate.

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