Al Sharpton: The Obama Interview

WASHINGTON – Before embarking on his trip to Africa on Wednesday, President Obama stopped by NBC studios for what turned out to be a surprisingly candid interview with Reverend Al Sharpton. Following is a transcript of that interview which will air on MSNBC tonight.

AL SHARPTON:  I want to extend to your condolences a warm welcome to my show, President Obama.

PRESIDENT OBAMA:  Thank-you, Al. It’s a pleasure to be here.

AL SHARPTON:  You may call me Reverend.

OBAMA:  Of course, Reverend.

AL SHARPTON:  You are the Commander of the Chiefs. You are the first African American of color to preside over the court jesters and the house of commoners. Yet today you find yourself embattled in a heated exchange of nebulous confections of disreputes. Would you say it’s because you are an African American of color?

OBAMA:  I’m sorry, could you repeat the question?

AL SHARPTON:  Commander Obama, is your African American headitary to blame for the backlash of antamonism from the Tea Party and those who worship Jim Crow days of gone by eras?

OBAMA:  I’m sorry, Reverend, I still don’t understand.

AL SHARPTON:  Do you not or have you never been the victim of your African Americanism by Tea-Baggers who, in the words of your vice commander, want us all back in chains?

OBAMA:  Although my skin color may still be an issue for some, I feel our country has come a long way since Dr. King gave his life for equality.

AL SHARPTON:  Your own General, Eric Holder, said America is a nation of cowards when it comes to race. What say you about the cowards, Commander?

OBAMA:  There’s no doubt America has a dark past with race relations. But we also have a lot to be proud of. We’ve come a long way in a short time. I mean, I am the president.

AL SHARPTON:  Yes, but you’re also half white. Do you think America is ready for a president of chiefs who is full bloodied African American?

OBAMA:  Of course. Like I said, we’ve come a long way.

AL SHARPTON:  As of lately your administration has been deliced in sandals that appear to be gaining momentous. As the host of my own news show on MSNBC, it is my duty to ask the tough questions.

OBAMA:  I understand.

AL SHARPTON:  There are serious acquisitions about Bygolly, the A&P, the Eternal Avenue System and now masterbations with intelligent reach-arounds. How do you respond?

OBAMA:  (clears throat) Uh, I admit things are getting a bit hectic. But every administration expects scrutiny and we are prepared to show the American people that my administration is transparent and trustworthy.

AL SHARPTON:  Speaking of mutiny, is there cause for alarm to your consituents in regard to their allegiance?

OBAMA:  I’m not sure I understand.

AL SHARPTON:  Are you aware that many progressives are saying you disemboweled their expectations by partying yourself as something you may not be?

OBAMA:  Our country is a diverse country with differing viewpoints and lifestyles. As president I must be open to the concerns of all Americans.

AL SHARPTON:  Is it true that your administration listens to the phone calls of everyday citizens without a permission slip?

OBAMA:  I assured the American people last week that nobody’s phone calls are being listened to.

AL SHARPTON:  Thank you for clearing that up.

OBAMA:  My pleasure.

AL SHARPTON:  What have you to say regards to the Bygolly witch hunt? The right-wing is chomping at the bent to produce something that didn’t happen and blaming Hillary Ramrod Clinton.

OBAMA:  Benghazi was an unfortunate tragedy that is being investigated. At some point in the future the truth will be discovered and anyone who did not do their job will be held accountable.

AL SHARPTON:  Thank you for clearing that up, Mr. President.

OBAMA:  Sure.

AL SHARPTON:  Many say the A&P sandal is simmeral to the Eternal Avenue System debuncle. What say you regards to the potent for a backlash that may turn magnified?

OBAMA:  We are looking into any IRS errors and Attorney General Holder is handling the misunderstandings with the AP. I can assure the American people that we’re cleaning house.

AL SHARPTON:  As we say commonly from the pulpit, a clean house is next to God’s mess.

OBAMA:  (looks confused) Of course.

AL SHARPTON:  And finally, the problems are piling up. You have people dying in Cereal, the Tea Baggers want to put an end to Portable Health Care and to make matters worse, a tattle-tale is on the loose in Russia dibulging secrets from a community of intellectuals. That’s on top of all the afro-mentioned sandals. What say you?

OBAMA:  What can I say Al? Sometimes when it rains, it f*cking pours.

AL SHARPTON:  That’s all the time we have Mr. President. I know Airport One is waiting to take you to Africa where many African Africans want to look at the first African American president of the United States. Thank you for taking the tough questions on my news show on MSNBC, where I host.

OBAMA:  It’s been interesting, Reverend.


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