Chris Matthews Unveils Photograph of Republican Racial Code Book

NEW YORK – This afternoon on MSNBC’s Hardball with Chris Matthews, host Chris Matthews revealed a photograph of what he claims is the book that contains Republican racial code words. The photograph shows an old and worn leather bound book that appears to have several hundred pages. Matthews said the photograph was sent to him by a former Bain investor who told him the book pictured is the one that Republicans, including presidential candidate Mitt Romney, have used as a source for racial coding since the Reagan era.

After showing the photograph Matthews exploded with emotion.

“We now have the proof that exposes Mitt Romney and the Republican party for what they really are, a bunch of rich white guys who use coded language to tell the American people that Barack Obama is a black man. In this day and age, how is something like this possible?”

Matthews looked at the photo of the book with disgust.

“How can we Americans look at our reflections in the mirror when the horrors of racism are still looking back at us? I’m ashamed! I’m ashamed of my country and I’m ashamed of my ancestors who could have been slave owners.”

Matthews wiped the spittle off his hands, sleeves and desk.

“I want to welcome my all-star panel tonight: Washington Post’s African American columnist Eugene Robinson, Salon editor Joan Walsh and NBC political director Chuck Todd. Let’s play hardball!”

After a commercial break the show resumed with Matthews holding up the photo.

CHRIS MATTHEWS:  Eugene Robinson, the picture of this book tells us with certainty that racism is alive and well in the Republican party.

EUGENE ROBINSON:  It’s a shocking photograph. And it’s a shame that Republicans are exhibiting the same level of racism today against African Americans that your ancestors did, Chris.

CHRIS MATTHEWS:  I don’t have an easy time sleeping, Eugene, you know that.

EUGENE ROBINSON:  I know, Chris.

CHUCK TODD:  How do the code words work?

CHRIS MATTHEWS:  How do they work? Racists hear a certain word being used and they understand the speaker is referring to our black president in a derogatory way.

CHUCK TODD:  But how do they know the code words?

JOAN WALSH:  They all have a copy of the book.

CHRIS MATTHEWS:  From what experts have told me, there are as many as 100 thousand racial code words being used by Mitt Romney and the Republicans.

CHUCK TODD: That’s astounding!

JOAN WALSH: My head is spinning!

EUGENE ROBINSON:  Romney uses so many code words his speeches sound like Klan meetings. Yesterday he called a group of Ohio factory workers hard working people who deserved a better economy.


JOAN WALSH:  Or in code speak, President Obama is a weird black man.

CHUCK TODD:  This morning Romney told reporters that his thoughts and prayers are with the Gulf coast residents in the path of the hurricane.

JOAN WALSH:  Or in code speak, President Obama wants to give more food stamps and welfare checks to African Americans.

CHRIS MATTHEWS:  What about Romney’s disgusting and horrible joke during his hometown speech that nobody needs to see his birth certificate?

EUGENE ROBINSON:  It made me throw up.

CHRIS MATTHEWS:  We all know he meant that Obama is a black foreigner who is different than the rest of us.

JOAN WALSH:  I’ve been told by reliable sources that it also means Obama likes to play golf, which is code speak for he likes watermelon.

CHRIS MATTHEWS:  Do these people have no shame?

CHUCK TODD:  Last week Paul Ryan told supporters that Obama hadn’t done anything to ensure job creation.

JOAN WALSH:  Or in code speak, black men want to have sex with your white daughters.

EUGENE ROBINSON:  And the Republicans just lap it up.

CHRIS MATTHEWS:  What’s going to happen to African Americans if by some chance Romney wins the election?

JOAN WALSH:  Well, they’ll have two months to pack up and get the hell out while they can.

CHRIS MATTHEWS:  Where are they going to go? Where are you going to go, Eugene?

EUGENE ROBINSON:  I might go to Iceland.

JOAN WALSH:  What about our Olympic sensation, little African American, Gabby Douglas?

CHRIS MATTHEWS:  I wasn’t going to bring that up. Are you guys thinking what I’m thinking? Do you you think a Romney administration will take away little Gabby’s gold medals?

EUGENE ROBINSON:  I have no doubt it’s the first thing Romney will do as president.

CHRIS MATTHEWS:  Oh God! And this is the rich white man Republicans want to be president of the United States, Joan?

JOAN WALSH:  We haven’t even taken into account his plan to populate the country with rape babies.

CHRIS MATTHEWS:  We can only hope that my photograph of their racial code book will help stop Mitt Romney and the Republicans from taking away Gabby’s gold medals. Hopefully the American people will come through for poor little Gabby Douglas on November six.

EUGENE ROBINSON:  I think I’m going to be sick.

Chris Matthews comforted Eugene Robinson as the show went to commercial.


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