Hillary Clinton Performs Hilarious Stroke Victim Impersonation at U.N.

Secretary Clinton brings down the house

NEW YORK – In a rare display of lighthearted spontaneity at a United Nation’s Women’s Rights conference last week, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton followed her impassioned speech with a comical “stroke victim” impersonation that triggered a raucous response from delegates and conference guests. Howling laughter permeated the General Assembly Hall during Mrs. Clinton’s lampoon with many delegates wiping tears from their eyes. Many of those who were unable to understand what Mrs. Clinton said during her performance later remarked that her nuanced grasp of physical comedy caused them to explode with laughter.

The Women’s Rights forum was led by representatives from the Democratic Republic of Congo, Nepal and Sudan. Mrs. Clinton’s speech was rife with scathing rebukes directed at the Taliban and the United States for their continued unconscionable treatment of women.

At the conclusion of her impassioned speech on women’s rights, Mrs. Clinton paused and took a sip from her water bottle. She then took a deep breath and, without an introduction, magically transformed into a comedic “stroke victim” personae. Interpreters scrambled to translate Mrs. Clinton’s performance while attempting in vain to quell their own laughter.

While making a grotesquely gnarled face, Mrs. Clinton spoke haltingly out of the corner of her mouth as she contorted her body. Most of her comedic lines dealt with the oppression of American women by conservative white men.

“I’m an old white Republican and former senator of the United States and I say, if women can’t keep their pants on then we should take their pants away and put ’em in short skirts!” Clinton snorted to the delight of her audience.

“That’s right, let’s make ’em do what they’re here to do in the first place… make babies!”

Guffaws and sobs of hysterical laughter bounced off the walls of the Hall.

“Since women are second class citizens, let’s keep ’em illiterate too!”

Mrs. Clinton paused to allow the roaring laughter subside before delivering her last zinger.

“Hell, while we’re at it, let’s pass a law that gives white men the deed to all the vaginas. That’s right, I own that vagina! Now, serve me my supper, Wench!”

U.N. Delegates congratulate Hillary after performance

The hall erupted into wild applause followed by a rousing 10 minute standing ovation.

Along with Al Gore, Former President Bill Clinton attended the conference for the sole purpose of seeing his wife’s stroke victim impersonation.

“Ah, I remember the first time Hillary did her stroke victim impersonation for me. We were on our second date and she was really shy about it. She kept saying it was stupid and that I wouldn’t like it. When she finally performed for me I was laughing so hard I blew a big old fart and Pepsi came out of my nose.”

The President said Mrs. Clinton incorporates a myriad of characters for her stroke victim impersonation.

“There’s some Popeye in there and a little bit of Festus from Gunsmoke,” the President said. “Heck, lots of folks swear they recognize some Millard Fillmore too. But mostly it’s just Hillary’s magical ability to encapsulate a funny character that everyone ends up loving and cherishing.”

Al Gore recalled the first time he saw Hillary Clinton do her stroke victim impersonation.

“Tipper and I were having dinner with Governor and Mrs. Clinton in 92. We were eating desert when I felt a kick under the table. I looked up and Hillary winked at me and then began impersonating a stroke victim. We laughed so hard that the cream from my chocolate eclair came out of my nose and Tipper farted like a large farm animal. That’s when I decided to accept the offer to be Governor Clinton’s presidential running mate.”

Nancy Pelosi told reporters that many members of congress credit Mrs. Clinton’s stroke victim impersonation for helping to ease the anguish after the horrifying events on September 11.

“Before we gathered on the steps of the Capital, Senator Clinton gave a short speech about standing tall and being strong. Then the next thing I know she’s doing this insanely hilarious stroke victim impersonation that managed to give us all a small respite from our deep grief and sorrow. It was right after that that we sang God Bless America on the Capital steps. Hillary’s stroke victim impersonation was the inspiration for that moment.”

Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy loved Hillary’s stroke victim impersonation so much that he once told an aide he wouldn’t be surprised if Mrs. Clinton one day replaces Jerry Lewis as France’s favorite comedian.


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    […] Hillary Clinton Does Hilarious Impersonation of a Stroke Victim | The …Mar 16, 2012 … Howling laughter permeated the General Assembly Hall during Mrs. Clinton’s lampoon with many delegates wiping tears from their eyes. […]

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    Hillary might be a bit confused, she is actually describing a Muslim man. Oops…

  4. TimmyJoe on February 16, 2017 at 7:59 pm

    Hillary just compared the USA to the Taliban? I am at a loss for words. Have the Democrats and Hillary completely lost their minds? And why is it in the USA, Democrats run to defend and protect a religion that denies women any semblance of rights?

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