Megyn Kelly Assaults Michelle Fields on Fox News

thedailyrash.comMichelle Fields, the woman who accused Donald Trump’s campaign manager of assaulting her, appeared on the Fox News channel today with host Megyn Kelly where she revealed for the first time the gruesome severity of her injuries. Following is a transcript of that interview which airs tonight on The Kelly File at 10:00 pm on Fox news.

MEGYN KELLY:  Michelle, thank you for coming back to my show.

MICHELLE FIELDS:  Thank you for having me, Megyn. I’m so grateful for all the support you’ve shown me and for helping me to tell the world about the violent assault I suffered at the hands of Donald Trump’s campaign manager.

MEGYN:  Well, I usually run a bipartisan show and try as hard as I possibly can to be objective and not show favoritism, but the nightmare you suffered at the hands of a Donald Trump employee could not be reported without exposing the ugly violence of the Trump campaign.

739724MICHELLE:  Being a reporter myself, I have always respected your integrity and objectivity.

MEGYN:  Thank you, Michelle. Since the last time you were here, which has only been a few days, you received some pretty grim news from your doctors.

MICHELLE:  Yes, I saw my doctors the morning after my last appearance on your show and they asked to speak with me in private.

MEGYN:  Oh, that’s not good.

MICHELLE:  I know, right? So I met with them in a conference room with the doors closed.

MEGYN:  What was that like?

MICHELLE:  It was frightening. The conference room was so very cold. I don’t know why they had the heat turned down. I was literally shivering when the doctors spoke to me. My teeth chattered from the bone chilling cold.

MEGYN:  What did they tell you?

MICHELLE:  (Takes deep breath) Well, they informed me that after much discussion with world renown specialists, it was determined that my arm would have to be amputated.

MEGYN:  Oh no!

MICHELLE: That was my exact reaction when they told me. I cried out, Oh no!

MEGYN:  And who can blame you? One day you’re a young woman chasing the dreams she’s held tight since childhood and then those very dreams are shattered with the threat of having your arm amputated. Tell my audience every horrible detail.

MICHELLE: (Dabbing eyes with a tissue) Sorry for getting so emotional.

MEGYN:  You get as emotional as you want, Michelle. Let the public see what Donald Trump has done to you.

MICHELLE:  (After blowing her nose) You are such a friend, Megyn. I don’t know how I can ever thank you for …

Megyn-KellyMEGYN:  You just tell my audience about your arm, Michelle. We don’t have that much time.

MICHELLE:  Well, like I was saying, the doctors said they were going to amputate my arm and I just froze. I mean, my whole life passed before my eyes.

MEGYN:  What stuck out most when your life was passing before your eyes?

MICHELLE:  Oh, lots of stuff. Birthday parties, my first training bra, afternoon picnics in the woods with my swimming coach, working at Hooters, bikini waxes at the mall, being recognized on the street after being on TV …  but it was the arm I was going to lose that I mainly focused on.

MEGYN:  All those wonderful moments from your life, yet it was seeing your arm that made the biggest impact.

MICHELLE:  Yes. And then I thought about Donald Trump and how his henchman stole my life from me.

MEGYN:  Just an awful thing for anyone to experience. But, to be fair, they did not take your life.

MICHELLE:  (Shocked) Oh, so having your arm amputated doesn’t feel like you’re losing a part of your life?

MEGYN:  Oh, I have no doubt it does. I’m just saying that losing your arm, which is horrible, isn’t the same as losing your life.

MICHELLE:  Until you learn that your arm is going to be amputated, I don’t think you can understand the full impact of what I’m experiencing.

MEGYN:  But you’re not going to have your arm amputated are you?

MICHELLE:  Well, no, they decided it wasn’t going to be necessary. But, that doesn’t make the pain any less agonizing.

MEGYN:  No, not the initial pain. I’m sure that was horrific. But I would venture to assume that learning you would not be losing your arm must have been one heck of a relief. I mean, c’mon!

fieldsMICHELLE:  Oh my god! I cannot believe you’re telling me the trauma I suffered is insignificant.

MEGYN:  Michelle, aren’t you glad you’re not going to lose your arm?

MICHELLE:  (Wide eyed) Of course I’m glad! I’m happy! Look how happy I am! (dabs her eyes with tissue) Is that good enough for you, Megyn? Does it make you feel good to humiliate me on TV?

MEGYN:  Look, Michelle, I feel for you. I know how it affected you when Trump’s campaign manager pulled your arm.

MICHELLE:  Pulled my arm? It was a brutal assault by a presidential candidate …

MEGYN: No, it wasn’t the presidential candidate …

MICHELLE:  …  that resulted in the amputation of my arm, almost. And now you’re verbally assaulting me on TV? My god, how much more pain do I have to endure? This is worse than my dad dying.

MEGYN:  Look, Michelle, I’m your friend. You know that right? (Megyn Kelly reaches over and pats Fields on the hand.)

MICHELLE: (Falls out of her chair and rolls across the floor) Oh, my god! I cannot believe you just violently threw me on the floor!

MEGYN:  Oh come on, Michelle, I didn’t throw you on the floor.

Ben Shapiro

Ben Shapiro

MICHELLE: (rolling in agony on floor) Help me! Somebody please help me! Stop her!

MEGYN:  Aw come on, cup cake, get off the floor!

Suddenly a man runs onto the set.

MEGYN:  Ben Shapiro? Where did you come from?

BEN SHAPIRO:  (Runs over to Michelle Fields) Oh no! What have they done to my buxom bunny boo? Benny’s here, Michelle! Little Benny will make everything better.

(Ben Shapiro lays down beside Michelle in the fetal position and quietly whimpers)

kelly1MEGYN:  (Looks at her crew, smiling) We’re gonna need a maintenance crew in the Kelly Files studio. I gotta couple of snowflakes melting on my floor.

Several hours later from her hospital bed Michelle Fields posted a message on her Facebook page:

Today Megyn Kelly, who I considered a friend, violently threw me on the floor of her TV studio in front of millions of viewers. What I suffered today was worse than my dad dying. If I manage to survive, all I want is an apology. That’s all. Why is it so hard for people to apologize? And don’t forget … my new book is coming out in June in a store near you.

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