Nancy Pelosi Says She Probably Won’t Watch Romney Sex Tape

WASHINGTON – House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi came to the defense of Senator Harry Reid on Monday over his comments about the existence of a Mitt Romney sex tape.

Early last week Reid outraged many Republicans with his remarks that he’d been told the GOP presidential candidate didn’t pay taxes for 10 years, without identifying his source. A few days later the senator said he’d been told by another unidentified source of the existence of a Mitt Romney sex tape.

Today Pelosi defended the Senate majority leader, saying that although it remains to be seen whether his allegations are true, she doesn’t feel Reid did anything wrong by publicizing unsubstantiated aspersions about the Republican presidential nominee.

Speaking to reporters outside a D.C. area Botox center, Pelosi said the combination of unpaid taxes and a sex tape will not fare well for Romney’s presidential bid.

“I just can’t imagine what Governor Romney’s supporters must be going through right now,” Pelosi sighed. “First the taxes and now a sex tape? What do they tell their children? I do know his father must be heartbroken. The depth of his shame must be so difficult for him,” she lamented. “Like Senator Reid, I just want Governor Romney’s father to have some peace.”

Last week Harry Reid expressed concern for the shame that Romney’s father, who died in 1995, was experiencing because of his son’s actions. Whether Reid or Pelosi are aware that Romney’s dad has been dead for seventeen years has yet to be determined.

After her statement Nancy Pelosi answered questions from reporters.

REPORTER:  Congresswoman, Senator Reid says he has no proof there’s a sex video or that Romney didn’t pay his taxes. Do you think it’s fair for him to make such bold accusations if he is unsure they’re true?

PELOSI:  Harry Reid made a statement that is true. Somebody told him there’s a sex tape. It is a fact.

REPORTER:  Are you saying Senator Reid’s unsubstantiated claims are a fact?

PELOSI:  The unsubstantiated claims were told to Harry Reid by unknown Bain investors. And that’s a fact. If Governor Romney says they are not true, he can disprove them. It’s that easy.

REPORTER:  So you believe Mitt Romney should respond to baseless accusations?

PELOSI:  Yes, if it’s a fact they were said. And it is a fact.

REPORTER:  Don’t you wonder why the senator’s sources can’t be revealed?

PELOSI:  No, I don’t.

REPORTER:  If they are so credible, how come Senator Reid says he’s uncertain if a sex tape exists?

PELOSI:  Nobody knew what was in the health care bill which is why I said we had to pass the bill to find out what’s in it. We’re in the same situation now with Governor Romney. He needs to release his sex tape and tax records so we can find out if Harry Reid’s allegations have any validity.

REPORTER:  What are the American people supposed to think when the senate leader makes uncorroborated accusations against a presidential candidate from the floor of the senate?

PELOSI:  The American people are smart, especially the Jewish ones. They’re not concerned about Harry Reid. There’s a good possibility most of them don’t even know who he is.

REPORTER:  It’s been estimated that you and your husband are worth 58 million dollars, yet you won’t release your tax records.

PELOSI:  If I were running for president I would. No, really. Why are you laughing?

REPORTER:  Do you think people in your tax bracket should pay more taxes?

PELOSI:  Oh, yes. I dream of the day when I can force myself to pay more taxes.

REPORTER:  What stops you?

PELOSI:  Republicans won’t allow it. Every time I try to make myself pay more, Republicans always prohibit me.

REPORTER: If you get the chance, will you watch the Romney sex tape?

PELOSI: (blushing) Oh gosh, probably not. I mean, what would I say if I ever met his father?


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