Alec Baldwin Taunts Lincoln Center Symphony Violinist

Alec Baldwin & Marin Alsop

NEW YORK- Lincoln Center concert goers were shocked Tuesday night when Alec Baldwin climbed onto the stage and started berating a violinist for being a “neo-con.” Mr. Baldwin sat in the conductor’s chair in the middle of Bach’s concerto in D minor and began to harangue the surprised musician for voting Republican in the presidential election.

Baldwin examines sheet music

Baldwin examines sheet music

Mr. Baldwin then grabbed the sheet music from the musician’s stand, looked it over and exclaimed that it had been printed on un-recycled paper obtained from the R.N.C. When the violinist refused to respond to him, Baldwin leaned in and stared at the musician in an apparent attempt to intimidate.

It was some time before the conductor became aware of Mr. Baldwin’s presence. When she eventually attempted to get him to leave the stage, Baldwin laughed and called her a “right wing puppet”. When security arrived they were forced to arrest Baldwin, the ex-husband of actress Kim Basinger. As he was being handcuffed, he shouted at the conductor and the musicians, “You’re all rude, thoughtless pigs!”

Laughing at conductor

Laughing at conductor

As security carried him out of the hall Baldwin goaded concert goers about their civil rights and being pawns in the right wing machine. He looked back at the violinist and yelled, “Bach used to spit on conservatives!”

The crowd laughed and the concert continued without incident after Baldwin was removed.




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