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The Addition of Cheerleaders at Obama Inauguration Fails to Boost TV Ratings

WASHINGTON – For the first time in the history of American presidential inaugurations, cheerleaders performed at the ceremonial swearing-in ceremony of the 57th Presidential Inauguration. Following Obama’s inauguration speech, the throng of jubilant spectators surrounding the stage in front of the U.S. Capitol were elated when the voluptuous cheerleaders were introduced by Chief Justice...
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Dog The Bounty Hunter Accidentally Chews Off His Own Arm

HONOLULU, HAWAII – When Duane “Dog” Chapman appeared on The Tyra Banks Show yesterday, it was several minutes into the interview before Tyra noticed he only had one arm. Even then, she was unaware that Chapman had been in possession of both arms until just a few days before the taping. Duane “Dog” Chapman...
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