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Hillary Fundraiser to Auction the Cigar Bill Clinton Used on Monica Lewinsky

WASHINGTON – Hillary Clinton’s top aide Huma Abedin confirmed this morning that former President Bill Clinton will auction off the cigar that he used on Monica Lewinsky in the Oval Office in 1996. The auction will be held this Saturday at the Malibu home of Barbra Streisand who is hosting a fundraiser for Hillary...
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Anthony Weiner Campaign Ad May Violate Obscenity Laws

WASHINGTON – Just hours after his campaign manager resigned Monday afternoon, New York City mayoral hopeful Anthony Weiner released a controversial campaign ad that has television station managers up in arms, unsure whether airing the 60 second spot violates FCC regulations on decency. Sources from several TV stations say the campaign commercial begins with...
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President Clinton Counsels Anthony Weiner

WASHINGTON – This morning an anonymous source gave the New York Times a recording of a telephone conversation in 2011 between former Congressman Anthony Weiner and former President Bill Clinton a few days after Weiner left office in disgrace. The source claims the recording was found in a dumpster behind a popular Hooters restaurant...
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