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Sandra Fluke: I Was Having Sex When President Obama Called Me

Sandra Fluke:  I Was Having Sex When President Obama Called Me

Just a week ago Georgetown University student Sandra Fluke was a normal thirty year-old law student grappling with the daily troubles of being a young woman in today’s complicated world. Sandra was pulling all-nighters cramming for exams, attending meetings for Law Students for Reproductive Justice, going to movies, partying with friends and somehow, finding...
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Harry Reid Offers Super Bowl Tickets to Republicans for Health Care Vote

WASHINGTON, DC – Whispers in the Capital building are echoing through the halls of congress today. After Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi told reporters that she doesn’t have the votes to pass a health care bill, Harry Reid’s phones began ringing off the hook. His iPhone buzzed with twitter messages and his computer...
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Keith Olbermann’s Mom Evicts Him from Basement

LONG ISLAND  – The Daily Rash has discovered that former MSNBC news commentator Keith Olbermann was evicted from his mother’s basement by Suffolk County Police in 2008. Olbermann, who turns 58 in January, had lived in the basement for almost thirty years. According to neighbors, Mrs. Olbermann had told her son that it was...
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