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Al Sharpton Once Asked Vladimir Putin To Take Obama Horseback Riding

In March of 2014 Russian President Vladimir Putin appeared on MSNBC with Reverend Al Sharpton to discuss the turmoil in Ukraine.
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Obama and Biden Caught Making Fun of Health Care Law on Hot Mic

WASHINGTON – To the dismay of democrats and republicans alike, a CNN cameraman with a live mic recorded President Obama and Vice President Biden cracking jokes about the new health care law as they sat together outside the White House yesterday. Following is a transcript of their conversation. BIDEN: (nudges Obama with his elbow)...
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Joe Biden Denies Asking Vladimir Putin to be Running Mate in 2016

WASHINGTON – During his interview with Chris Matthews on MSNBC’s Hardball, Vice President Biden was asked about rumors circulating Washington that he asked Russian President Putin to be his running mate in the 2016 presidential race. Following is a transcript of that conversation. CHRIS MATTHEWS:  My guest tonight is the vice president of the...
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Obama Asks Putin for Help Passing Immigration Reform Through Congress

WASHINGTON – The White House confirmed today that President Obama has reached out to Russian President Vladimir Putin in his effort to get immigration reform passed in Congress this year. During an appearance on CBS This Morning, National Security Adviser Susan Rice said the administration has the utmost confidence the Russian president can muster...
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Obama Furious After Vladimir Putin Unfriends Him on Facebook

WASHINGTON – The turmoil that was generated between Russia and the United States after President Vladimir Putin granted asylum to Edward Snowden last month escalated even further when President Obama cancelled his private meeting with the Russian president before September’s G-20 conference of world economic leaders in St. Petersburg. But the delicate fragments of...
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Harlequin Romance Replaces Fabio with Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin photo shoot

TORONTO, CANADA – Last week Harlequin Enterprises shocked the world of Romance novels when it was reported that they were not renewing their long standing contract with Italian model Fabio. Conventions around the globe were in chaos as writers, book sellers and consumers alike feared the news might wreak havoc in the world they...
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