Mackenzie Phillips: The Best Sex I’ve Had Was With My Dad

wenn274735mp__oPtLOS ANGELES – Former TV actress Mackenzie Phillips is telling the world about her whirlwind sexual relationship with her own father, the drug addled leader of the Mamas and the Papas, John Phillips, who died in 2001. Though she was aware that the news would shock, she felt it was necessary to expose the sordid details in a book because she doesn’t have any money and she doesn’t want to look for a job. She also wants to help other girls who are in relationships with their fathers.

“When you are dating your Dad, there aren’t a whole lot of people around who will listen when you are having problems, especially problems in the relationship. But sometimes you just need to vent, you know? It’s not easy to find someone who can listen but not judge. I think when Dad was my lover, finding someone who wasn’t going to judge me was my biggest problem. Well, that and the heroin.”

The country was stunned when Mackenzie broke the story on The Oprah Winfrey Show. But at the time the NFL season had just started and the new season of “Dancing with the Stars” was kicking in, so public interest faded quickly. Because of the lack of public interest Mackenzie announced she is going to publish another book that will detail her torrid trysts with TV handyman Schneider and her TV mother, Ann Romano.

“Mom and I would do things with Schneider and force Barbara to watch. It was probably very humiliating.” She paused for a moment and then lashed out, “I was already dating my Dad! Why do you think I was doing so many drugs? It wasn’t because I wanted to get high, I wanted to forget. I mean, Schneider never changed his clothes.”

When asked if she were referring to actors Bonnie Franklin and Pat Harrington, Mackenzie didn’t seem to know who they were.

“I don’t think I know them. But I may have had sex with them. God, who knows,” she laughed and sipped her herbal tea.

Mackenzie said she didn’t know if her TV sister Valerie Bertinelli ever had sex with her parents or not. When reporters asked about Bertinelli’s ex-husband, rock star¬† Eddie Van Halen, Mackenzie said she didn’t recognize the name.


The couple in happier times….when John Phillips was alive

“But if he was a rock star then I’m sure I did him. Hell, Dad and I probably both did him,” she laughed, sipping her herbal tea.

When asked about her father, about their intimacy and what it was that drew them to each other, Mackenzie admitted to being a little bit foggy about details.

“I’ve seen pictures of my Dad and I think he looks kind of cool. I don’t really remember him too much. But there’s no doubt why I was attracted to him. I just had a thing for balding men with mustaches who were related to me, I think. Or… it may have just been the endless supply of blow.”

What advice does Mackenzie have now for other women who are in relationships with their fathers?

“I just have to say, sure it may be easier. You already know the guy. It makes that first date a lot easier. Hell, you can just give him a tie every Christmas. But consider what it might do to you in the long run. What if the sex is good? After he dies, every guy is going to be compared to Dad and that can be a curse. I just want all the girls out there to know, even all these decades later, I’ve yet to find anybody that compares.”

She looked away with tears in her eyes.

“The best sex I’ve ever had was with dad.”

As she composed herself we asked if there would ever be a situation when she would approve of a father and daughter relationship. She thought as she sipped her tea. After a moment her eyes lit up.

“Maybe, and it’s a big maybe… if your Dad was really young when you were born, you might be more open to making the relationship permanent. But at the same time, you’re dealing with a guy who’s willing to sacrifice his child for his own selfishness. A guy who is willing to destroy a young life for his own gratification. A guy who is going to be considered a parasite by the entire world. Is that the kind of guy you really want? I mean, even if the sex is good?”

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    I would have done her bakc then. But shes a hag now

  2. Elijah W on December 6, 2017 at 12:16 am

    You people are garbage. Seriously.

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